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It's Me, Hi.


I used to be called Kate Davies so if you think I look familiar you might be right.

Or maybe you recognise me from any Sydney karaoke bar belting out both parts of

Total Eclipse of the Heart poorly, but enthusiastically.

I'm an Art Director at Today the Brave working with the good wording Hannah Lawson who writes really good words. Go read her website it's funnier than mine. We like making ads that tickle some fancies and rustle some jimmies and have a sublime time doing it. 

When I'm not doing ad stuff I'm probably watching the West Coast Eagles lose, listening to musicals or starting a bunch of art projects I'll absolutely totally finish one day maybe soon probably. And chillin' with my rabbit. 



2022 - Emerging Creative Team of the Year

2022 - Silver - Social Media - McChicken, The Middle Child 

2022 - Bronze - Social Media - McChicken, The Middle Child 



2022 - Silver - PR - McChicken, The Middle Child  


2022 - Top 5 Films - Best Production Directors - McChicken, The Middle Child 

Creative Review

2017 - Selection for the Annual - AGNSW Nude 


2016 - Glue Society Fellowship

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